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Customer First Policy

At Buy CBD & Shrooms Online, our mission is to create long lasting relationships with our customers. Bottom line is we care about our members, the products we offer them, and the benefits they experience from such products. This is why we take time to listen to what our customers have to say so we can grow together.

Premium Quality CBD & Shrooms

At Buy CBD & Shrooms Online, we strive to offer the best CBD & Shrooms products in Canada. Our products go through extensive testing at various stages to ensure only the freshest and highest quality CBD products reach your doorstep. Our buyers are highly trained and educated in magic mushroom growing, cultivating, and consuming. 

Great Deals and Promotions

On top of our already rock bottom prices, we offer many deals and promotions. Remember, our goal is to pass on the savings to you, so check out our promotions page for more information and start saving now! And sign up to receive exclusive offers/deals only available to members.

Safe & Secure Transactions

At Buy CBD & Shrooms Online, we take measures to ensure all private information is kept safe and secure, as our customers confidentiality is our #1 priority. All transactions are encrypted using state of the art technologies, and all packages are mailed in discreet packaging.

Customer Service

Our staff are always willing to lend a helping hand and are here to answer any questions you may have. We selected our staff because they love what they do and are committed to sharing their expertise to the CBD & Shrooms Canadian community. Send us a message and enjoy the best online CBD & Shrooms shopping experience around. Our staff are also up-to-date on the latest research studies 

Guaranteed & Free Express Shipping

Order $100 in items and receive free express shipping anywhere in Canada. In addition, all orders are guaranteed to be delivered. We want each time shopping with us to be a positive experience and that everyone gets what they ordered. You might be surprised with samples or additional treats along the way to further your experience with CBD, THC, and magic mashrooms.



Why Shop CBD Oil For Sale At CBD & Shrooms

CBD & Shrooms offer a wide range of Top Quality CBD Oil from the most trusted made in Canada Suppliers. Our staff will experts in the space and can offer you advise and quick delivery to your door. Shop all CBD products to find the right strength and dosing that fits your needs. If you are new to CBD, you can also check out our CBD dosing guide as well as out CBD 101 guide.

CBD is in our name because it’s a core fundamental believe we have as a natural medical product with incredible health benefits. CBD is now available on the site as CBD Tinctures, CBD Capsules, CBD Creams, CBD Edibles, and CBD vape pens. You will find popular brands such as Clinical Hemp Health, CBD Move, Boost, Twisted Extracts, Keoni CBD, Delush, and more! All these different delivery methods offer the same great health benefits in away that fits your lifestyle best. CBD Oil in Canada is here to stay and each day more and more customers are finding the health benefits of this amazing compound changing their lives for the better.

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Why Shop Magic Mushrooms At CBD & Shrooms

Our wide selection of Magic Mushrooms have been carefully cultivated to meet the highest standards for magic mushrooms possible. Our buyers have over 20 years of experience being connoisseurs of all things shrooms! It’s not just a passion, it’s truly a lifestyle for our shrooms experts. For customers of magic mushrooms interested in shrooms for sale, there are countless number of strains to choose from in terms of origin and the potency that they will have on you.

The amount of options can be overwhelming and it’s out goal to make this process much simpler and easy for you to select the magic mushroom that’s right for you. What make us different? We provide you with honest information on the exact magic mushroom strain you are looking to purchase, we also give you in depth dosing protocols, as well as user guides so you can consumer magic mushrooms in Canada with complete confidence that you’ll receive the health benefits you are looking to achieve. 


Why Do Customers Think We Are The Best Online CBD Store?

As we stated above, this is our full time passion helping match people with the best alternative health medicines nature has to offer. When shopping for CBD oil for sale of Magic Mushrooms for sale, it’s important that you have all the information needed to effectively use the product with confidence. Many of our competitors do not provide you with safe user guides or they do not full disclose the quality and sourcing of the product.

We strive to be different and offer the best cbd oil and best magic mushroom shopping experience in Canada. Don’t take our word for it, take to the internet to see product reviews, customer feedback, product testing, and brand reputation. We are even featured on online weed dispensary in Canada platforms like Cannabis Ontario. We deal with some of the best branding in the industry and all of them have passed our high standards before making it onto the website.

We represent some of the most reputable and reliable brands of CBD Oil In Canada. In addition, we are quickly becoming the most reliable sites to buy CBD Oil for sale and Magic Mushrooms for sale in Canada. The quality of our CBD Oil and Quality of our Magic Mushrooms is best measured  by the volume of our customers, repeat customers, and the customer feedback/reviews you will find on our site. CBD & Shrooms is truly a leader in the Canadian marketplace.

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Should You Buy Magic Mushrooms or Not?

No matter where you choose to buy magic mushrooms in Canada or shop for magic mushrooms for sale online, we here at CBD & Shrooms will continue to be true to our core values of offering consumers high quality magic mushrooms and professional advice. Unlike our competitors, we know our grows and the farming practises that they use to cultivate the magic mushrooms here in Canada. These personal relationships with our shrooms growers have been build over 20 years which all us to get some of the best sourced magic mushrooms in Canada. British Columbia produces some of the purest, highest quality magic mushrooms that you will find in Canada. The climate is perfect for magic mushroom growing and we are product to source from British Columbia farms.