5 Tips to Dose and Enjoy High-THC Cannabis Edibles

5 Tips to Dose and Enjoy High THC Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are becoming popular as the weed community grows, and more people get to know about them. Cannabis edibles are the food items made using cannabis buds or concentrates. You can consume cannabis in beverages, baked goods, and brownie mixes. There are also cannabis treats, including cannabis caramel, chocolate, gummies, and mints. The list of edibles is endless. It’s almost as though in everything edible, you may add some cannabis to give you that extra nudge.

Ingesting cannabis is advantageous because a person can get high without vaping concentrates or smoking the weed. But, the issue is that edibles tend to have higher THC concentration than smoked cannabis, mostly because of the extraction methods. Also, since you are taking sweet foods and treats, a person tends to overindulge. The digestion process also delays the absorption of weed. Depending on the type of edible you eat, it may take 20 minutes or up to 3 hours to feel any effects. In the meantime, you may find yourself taking more and more of it, only for it to hit you like a tsunami later.

Although weed overconsumption is not fatal, it is best to remain safe and use the drug responsibly. Here are the top five tips to guide you as you dose and enjoy high-THC cannabis edibles

1. Get the Facts Right

When shopping for your edibles, ensure that you read about the contents and their concentrations. You need not play a guessing game. Most sellers place labels on the containers, and if you buy it online, you will see a product description. On it, you will find the THC/CBD content indicated in milligrams. The standard dose for regular users is 10 milligrams, but beginners may start with a lower one, like 5 milligrams. It is best to start with a small amount and add just a little until you get to your desired high. Space out the intakes to give enough time for each dose to take effect.

Veteran cannabis users may need doses higher than 10 milligrams. Higher dose intervals include 20 mg, 40 mg, 80 mg, and 100 mg. Yet, even then, it’s best to start small and slow. Until you have familiarized yourself with a particular edible and its effects on your body, you should exercise caution.

Get the Facts Right

2. Understand Your Limits 

The maximum amount of marijuana you can consume but retain your functionality dictates your tolerance level. All weed users must know the amount of THC that works for them. You get to know this amount using the trial and error method. Start with a low dose, especially if you are taking cannabis edibles for the first time. Do the same if you used edibles before but took a break. A low tolerance exposes you to side effects and other negative consequences, like paranoia and anxiety. It would be better if the weed failed to give the desired outcome than if it overwhelmed you.

Experienced users take high doses because their tolerance levels are higher. Don’t try to keep up with them.

3. Limit Your Intake and Take Your Time

It’s difficult to restrain yourself when a package of delicious edibles is on your table, especially if the effects are yet to kick in. However, it would be best if you fought the urge to snack. Be patient because if you take in too much at a time, you may have unwanted feelings later. Stick to the recommended dosage and wait it out. When the effects finally kick in, you will enjoy the positive high and feel in control of your body and surroundings.

Even if your mates get a high sooner than you do, exercise restraint. Since THC attaches to body fat, it could be that their bodies metabolize fats faster than yours does. When you start feeling some effects, enjoy the feeling until it fades out. Wait for about two hours before you decide to consume the second dose.

4. Your Stomach Contents Matter

The content of your stomach before you eat your cannabis edible is critical. Consider what you ate or drank. If your stomach is empty, a higher amount of THC will be absorbed, and the cannabis will start to affect you sooner. So, if your stomach is empty, take a half dose to avoid being overwhelmed.

If you have taken alcohol or are combining the two, know that alcohol increases THC’s absorption rate. Your blood will soon be laced with THC. Therefore, if you are mixing the two, take half or less of your regular dose.

Get Comfortable

5. Get Comfortable

Taking weed in any form requires that you get yourself in a comfortable setting. If you plan on having a large dose, take it at home with your loved ones around you. This is especially critical if you are testing your tolerance levels. If you become overwhelmed, your friend or partner will take care of you until the effects come down. As you learn how your body reacts to edibles and understand your tolerance levels, you will get more comfortable. Eating your edibles in familiar surroundings will be easier and safer. Be near people you love and trust to ensure you enjoy the smooth ride to respite, relaxation, and laughter.

If you feel any discomfort, or the cannabis kicks you harder than you intended, take some steps to bring down the discomfort. You can take a walk, drink plenty of water, have some food, or take a nap. The feeling will fade, and you can try the edibles another day.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the dosage and the steps to take when handling high-THC cannabis edibles is crucial to your enjoyment. It puts your mind at ease and lets you enjoy the buzz. Remember to include your friends or partner, and as you get more comfortable, you may indulge in edibles on your own. When you know what to expect and what to do, you remain in charge throughout the process.

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