How Long Does a Shroom Tea Trip Last?

How Long Does a Shroom Tea Trip Last

Mushrooms are not only good for your salads. There is a variety you can smoke or eat and be completely stoned. They are called shrooms, magic mushrooms, or mushies. Shrooms contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic and psychedelic compound. Although shrooms became legal in Canada just recently, they have been around for centuries. People would eat them fresh, sundried, or grind them and add them to food and tea.

The best way to take magic mushrooms is to brew them in tea. Early users would eat them fresh or dried but complained of the bad taste. The shrooms gave off a rich meaty taste. Others said that magic mushrooms tasted like sunflower seeds but with a tinge of dust. However, all this goes away when the shrooms are prepared. The reason mushrooms make you nauseous is due to the fibrous mushroom material called chitin, which covers the fungi cells.

But, once the ground mushroom soaks in some hot water for 15 minutes, the chitin and other hard materials start to break down, giving off the psilocybin and settling at the bottom of the cup. The tea gets rid of the tough solid material, allowing you to enjoy psychedelic tea that is kind to your stomach.

The Length of a Mushroom Trip

The mushroom trip is the period during which you are under the psychedelic effects of the shrooms. Knowing the definite length of this trip is difficult because several factors influence the trip’s intensity and length. They include:

1. Mushroom Species

Each species will have a unique psilocybin concentration, which determines the length of its effects. Some may be mild and only last a short time, while others are strong and their effects last longer.

2. Dosage 

Since the mushrooms’ potency varies from one species to another, you cannot use the same dose for all of them. The dosage for each depends on the effects it induces. A gram from one species may have the same strength as 10 grams from another species. Hence, you must take into account the potency of the shrooms. You should also not mix drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and DMT products in Canada.

Read the product description on the container label, or look the information up on the internet. It’s best to buy your supplies from a reputable source because they will provide potency information and recommend a dosage for each species. However, whichever strain you pick, it’s best to start with the lowest dose and work your way up slowly.

Consumption Method

3. Consumption Method

There are various ways to ingest shrooms. You may eat them straight from the garden or choose to dry and add them to your tea or food. You may also buy capsules from magic mushroom dealers. Some dealers also process the shrooms by taking out the extract and getting rid of the solid material. The form of the psilocybin during consumption determines its effect. An extract has a stronger effect than chewing shrooms directly because the psilocybin is more concentrated.

4. Age of the Shrooms

The age here refers to the time the shrooms have had from picking. Fresh magic mushrooms will have less effect compared to aged, dried shrooms. The psilocybin in the dried shrooms is higher. However, the method used to dry the mushrooms also matters. If you use a dehydrator to dry them slowly, they will be more potent than if you left them under the hot sun to dry. Some people use household drying tools like a hairdryer to remove the mushrooms’ moisture, but this method is harsh. The quality of the outcome is lower than that of the dehydrator.

How the Trip Begins 

While it’s difficult to determine how long the trip will last, we know how it starts. Once the signs come on, get into a comfortable, safe position and wait to soak up all the magic mushroom effects.

Once you ingest shrooms, the body converts the psilocybin compound into psilocin. Psilocin directly influences the serotonin system in the gut and brain. The effect on the stomach is the reason people have nausea. In your head, the psilocybin cuts and redirects the connectivity in the brain. Once the alteration is done, your trip begins.

You start to feel a disassociation with your surroundings. You become engulfed with feelings of positivity and well-being. That pleasant feeling is only for when you consume the shrooms in small doses, though. If you insist on a large dose, you may completely shift from this world into another. You get into a flight of hyper existential reality and start hallucinating. This feeling can be quite scary, so it’s best to avoid high doses.

With shrooms being edibles, they must go through the digestion process. They pass through the stomach and then to the intestines, where they are absorbed. The liver metabolizes the psilocybin into psilocin. As such, the trip does not begin immediately after you swallow your shrooms tea or another edible. It takes 20 to 40 minutes to feel the effects. It all depends on the form of edible you took. But, once the hit kicks in, you start to notice some changes in your perception, followed by waves of euphoria.

Estimated Length of the Trip

Estimated Length of the Trip

Taking the species and quantity factors only, we may come up with an estimate of the time your trip will take. On average, the length of a trip is three to eight hours. However, the effects are entirely done only after 10 to 12 hours. Some people continue to feel some subtle effects, even 24 hours after consuming shrooms. Also, there will be a feeling of bliss, well-being, and happiness in the few weeks that follow. The effects of a large dose of a highly potent strain will be for an extended period.

If you are not a fan of the trips but want to take up the benefits of shrooms, you could turn to microdosing. Take an amount as little as 0.1 or 0.5 grams daily every three days. A dose so low will not produce a full trip. You maintain a sense of reality, become creative, and continue to interact peacefully with others. Since magic mushrooms are quite potent, many users opt to microdose.

In Closing 

Shrooms are a new fun way to get high. So be sure to pick some up the next time you visit an online dispensary in Canada like Weedsmart. You will marvel at the effects of this delightful product. Buy legit shrooms tea from CBD&Shrooms. We stock some of the best strains.

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