How Magic Mushrooms Work

How Magic Mushrooms Work

Magic mushrooms have a psychoactive compound in them called psilocybin. It can produce hallucinations and interesting experiences. More than 180 different species contain psilocybin. But how does this compound work?

About Shrooms

Many factors determine the way that magic shrooms work. They include your mindset, the dosage, the setting, and the chemistry of your body. That means that each trip will be a little different.

What to Expect

Usually, users eat shrooms whole. However, they do not taste that great. That is why so many people brew them in tea or put them in food. They also can be ground and placed in capsules. The effects will vary depending on how they are taken. For example, a tea might give you faster effects than if you ate shrooms.

During a typical trip, you will experience increased emotions and introspection. Your psychological functions may be a little different, as well. This is similar to having a dream at night. You may experience changes to your perception and have a distorted sense of time. You may notice halos around different objects or see vivid colours.

In addition, you may feel open to various feelings and thoughts that you would not in normal life. You may feel delighted about the world around you. Some users note a feeling of connection and peacefulness. Of course, you can also experience challenging emotions. If you do have challenging emotions, you should let them go their course.

How Shrooms Work

The active ingredient in magic shrooms is psilocybin. To feel any effects, you will likely need to take around 0.2 to 0.5 grams of shrooms. It does vary depending on the user. A moderate dose might be around 1 to 2.5 grams, which might last around three to six hours.

Your body will metabolize psilocybin to become psilocin. This is what gives you the psychoactive effects. Both substances interact with your brain’s serotonin receptors. In rodent studies, the substances interacted with the parts of the brain that deal with sensory experiences.

That might explain why you can have effects such as synesthesia, which involves mixing up your senses. For example, you might taste sounds or hear colours. The rat studies can also explain why you have altered experiences during a magic mushroom trip.

How Shrooms Work

Microdose Effects

If you are just getting started, you may go with a tiny dose, known as a microdose. That can range from 0.05 to 0.25 grams. The dose is considered unnoticeable, so many people take it as part of their weekly routines. Their goal is to potentially enhance their energy, creativity, and focus. They believe it can help decrease their stress levels. Some say microdosing magic mushrooms can make people more self-forgiving while increasing their conversational skills.


You are not likely to feel the effects of microdoses. But if you take a mini-dose, which is around 0.25 to 0.75 grams, you may be more likely to perceive the effects. While this will not take you on a trip, you might enhance your mood and feel more mindful. Many users feel introspective while taking this dose. It can motivate you to make positive changes to your life while enhancing your senses.

Museum Dose

You are more likely to notice effects when you take a slightly larger dose. The name “museum dose” refers to the fact that you can still view exhibits in a museum while on this dose without bringing too much attention to yourself. It can still enhance your mood and bring on a feeling of excitement.

Many people find that they are better able to have a conversation while on shrooms at the museum dose. It can enhance your senses while giving you more empathy. You will experience stronger moods, and sounds may be altered.

Moderate Doses

If you take around 2 to 3.5 grams of shrooms, you will begin to feel more psychedelic effects from them. It is likely that you will see hallucinations. That can include fractals and patterns. Both your perception of depth and time will be distorted. But you can still understand your surroundings when you take this dose. Your senses will just be extremely altered.

You might have deep philosophical insights or introspective thoughts as your ideas begin to flow better. Some users find that they better appreciate art and music. Even the most mundane things may seem interesting or funny. There will be a clear peak and come-down from the dose. All of your emotions will likely be amplified. Although you might not be tired, you might yawn compulsively.



Taking 5 or more grams at once is called a megadose. This is only for experienced magic mushroom users. At this level, you will most likely experience mystical things, intense hallucinations, and a deep sense of introspection. That dosage can bring on an intense feeling of wonder. The insights may change your life.

It may seem like your memories from the past come to life with the hallucinations. Time will often become completely meaningless. You could feel disorientated. Because your motor functions will likely be compromised, you will most likely want to have a friend with you to help you ensure that your high goes well.

Do Shrooms Interact with Other Drugs?

There is not much evidence about how psilocybin interacts with other medications you may be taking. However, it is always better to be careful when you are mixing two substances. To be on the safe side, you will want to contact your doctor before beginning to take shrooms.

Some users have found that using cannabis with shrooms can enhance its effects. But you will want to wait until the second half of your trip. That way, you can still benefit from the insight that psilocybin may provide for you.

Closing Thoughts

Knowing more about how shrooms work can help you have a better experience when you decide to use them. Depending on how much you take at once, the effects can range from mild euphoria to full-blown hallucinations. It is important to start out with a low dose. You can always move on to a higher dose later on.

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