Magic Mushrooms For Beginners are either cultivated or wild mushrooms containing a psychoactive compound called psilocybin. Psilocybin has been widely used to treat depression and it is promising a number of medical benefits in the future. Magic mushrooms for beginners has been a topic of interest. In this article we will learn all you need to know about the magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms have gained popularity because of this psychoactive compound. It is possible to extract it from the mushrooms or consume it directly. When you consume mushrooms, it will take less than 40 minutes to feel the effects of psilocybin.

Magic mushrooms are not ordinary mushrooms, so they are consumed differently. For beginners, you don’t need much to begin feeling high. Here is what to consider before you consume magic mushrooms;

They should only be consumed by somebody who is an adult. Since the maturity rate is not uniform; some people mature earlier than the rest. This set the minimum age of magic mushroom consumption at 21 years.

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How to Consume Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms work best when you ingest them on an empty stomach. This will fasten the rate of metabolism and hence the faster you will feel the effects. If you have already taken a meal, wait for at least two and half hours before you consume magic mushrooms.


When taking magic mushrooms for the first time it is best to “Start Low and Go Slow.” If it is your very first time, it’s probably best to start with 1/2 (0.5g)  to 1 gram so you can become accustomed to the wonderful uplifting feelings and energy that you will feel.

If you are a regular consumer of alcohol, then it is suggested that you take some time off from consuming alcohol before you consume magic mushrooms. Ideally, have a 1 week dry period prior. We also suggest that you do not consume alcohol while consuming magic mushrooms. Or, if you do decide to drink, then we suggest limiting it to a reasonable amount. Magic mushrooms will raise your energy and positive vibrations, whereas alcohol has the opposite effects and will cancel out some of the positive effects of the mushrooms.
All other drugs and medications should NOT be consumed when using magic mushrooms.
One expectation is cannabis. Cannabis and magic mushrooms can be safely used together. But again, every individual has different levels of tolerance and metabolism. So, be cautious. If you do consume both magic mushrooms and cannabis, be sensible and don’t go overboard. Again, follow the slogan “Start Low and Go Slow.”  You have all the time in the world to build your way up to that “Hero Dose” of Magic Mushrooms! 🙂

Eat whole Mushroom

This is the easiest way to consume them, directly ingest the mushrooms. Chew properly to make digestion easier for your empty stomach. You can supplement the taste with any of your favourite soft drinks.

Mix it with Lemon Juice

Crash the mushroom then place it in a cup. Add a little lemon juice and allow it to rest for about an hour while you stir occasionally. The citric acid in the lemon juice will break down psilocybin to psilocin, making it easier for the body to absorb it. This is exactly what happens in your stomach when you ingest the mushrooms directly.

Add it to Juice

This is easier, crash your mushroom and add it to a blender when you are preparing juice. This will ensure they mix uniformly to avoid feeling direct taste of the shroom.

Make Mushroom Tea

Crash your mushroom then add it to boiling water and wait until it sinks; for about half an hour. Do not heat it for long, this will reduce the mushroom potency.

Buying Magic Mushrooms

Getting magic mushrooms is mainly through online platforms such as CBD & Shrooms. You can order them and get the delivery to your home quickly and discreetly. If you have difficulties purchasing it online check out our how to order page, you can also consult with our customer service team to help you complete your order. 

To get good results out of the shrooms, obtain it from someone who has already used it or rather a recognized institution.

Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

These mushrooms have both medical and recreational benefits. Below are reasons why you need to consume magic mushrooms;

Increase Creativity

Psychedelics and psilocin attach themselves to brain receptors making you more active and creative. Consume it and try doing what you love, maybe drawing and see the results.

Relieves Anxiety

Anxiety comes about as a result of many things. Psilocybin helps in generation of new brain cells. This helps to drive out any fear in the mind. More studies are being conducted to determine how fast the neurons grow when you consume magic mushrooms. This may be a breakthrough for the shrooms.

Lowers depression

Psilocybin gets attached to the serotonin receptors which are mainly found in the brain to alter the functioning of the brain. This gets you high, setting you free from any kind of depression.

Cessation of Addictions, smoking

Psychedelic in the mushroom helps to reduce completely any type of addiction. Cigarette Smoking is the main problem for many and magic mushrooms help solve this puzzle.

Mitigates Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Continued use of magic mushrooms, helps lessen symptoms from bipolar disorders and other psychiatric cases like schizophrenia which exposes these individuals to depression.

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Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Canada’s Controlled Drug and Substances Act has listed the use of magic mushrooms as illegal. However, section 56(1) allows the use of these shrooms for medical cases when necessary.

Canadian therapists have constantly pleaded with the ministry of health to legalize use of psychedelic and psilocybin for medical conditions. Many other experiments are being conducted to support these claims.

Accessing shrooms in Canada is easy. Many online platforms offer online sales or shrooms and cannabis, and some even offer same day weed delivery in Toronto, Vancouver, and every other city in Canada. They deliver them at your homestead. Cultivation is also easy and many have privately cultivated them in their homes for medical use only.

Psilocybin is in stage three of trial which is the final stage for any drug to be approved by the FDA. By the end of 2020, there is a likelihood that psilocybin will have gained full legal recognition all over Canada. 

The Future of Magic Mushrooms

The future of magic mushroom is bright but the exact time it will be legalized is not certain. The FDA is yet to approve the health benefits of psilocybin, a major psychoactive compound in the mushrooms. Approving use of psilocybin is approving use of magic mushrooms.

To achieve this, more experiments are required to showcase more uses and benefits of this psychoactive compound. It is predicted that magic mushrooms are following the routes of cannabis which is gaining legalization rapidly.

Fore a more comprehensive guide on consuming magic mushrooms, check out our Shrooms 101 Guide